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ox.reds; teabowls

updated mon 8 dec 97


Hansen Houshold on sun 7 dec 97

Excellent article in Ceramics Monthly, Nov. 1997, pgs. 105-107, on doing
copper reds in electric kilns by Robert S. Pearson and Beatrice I. Pearson.
I haven't tried the recipes, but since this subject has come up here on
Clayart, I thought I'd pass that reference along. I bet you could
manipulate the oxides to get your ox-blood, blood reds, plum, etc. like
what you want. Looks like the glazes could have been ball-milledmaybe for a
better application. Also: I have had a difficult go of it trying throw
teabowls off the hump with same height/width/weight proportions. Any
Eric Hansen, Lawrence, Kansas. Cold, clear as a bell.