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please look at these burners...

updated mon 17 aug 09


Kelly Savino on sun 16 aug 09

I have pix of some burners from 1964ish. They were made by a Toledo company=
that I think no longer exists. They've been covered but outside for their =
life span. They are being offered to me by a lovely person who has no idea =
what they should sell for, nor do I. I suspect there woul dbe sandblasting =
involved... they are for natural gas. I will get more info today and can up=
date. But just looking, can anyone advise me whether or not this idea is ev=
en worth pursuing?

Photos are here: they should be clickable even if you're not a facebook mem=


Kelly in Ohio. headed back for day two of David Hendley's workshop at the 5=
77 Foundation, a marvelous place in Perrysburg, Ohio -- the estate of the S=
tranahans, on the river, now community gardens and programming, and a marve=
lous "pottery barn". It's potluck day...