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scotland & greece in aug - recommendations

updated sun 21 jun 09


Robin Wolf on fri 19 jun 09

I have just booked my tickets to Edinburgh, will have a week there, and are
planning a side trip to Greece for 5 days or so.

Please give me some pointers on what not to miss. I will be traveling with
my daughter and her husband, she is finishing up her Masters in Political
Science (Public Admin) at the Univ. of Edinburgh, and Lathen is a graphics
design artist. So, where better than Greece for a potter, a politician, an=
graphics guy to go?!

We plan 2 days in Athens, then we are open to suggestions - maybe Delphi an=

Scotland is totally open for wherever we want to go.

Robin Wolf

Robin Wolf Pottery

Kingfisher, OK


Marcia Selsor on sat 20 jun 09

Dear Robin,
While in Edinburgh there is a great historical ceramics collection in
the museum there.
It is organized chronologically reflecting the developments in ceramics.

Marcia Selsor

liz gowen on sat 20 jun 09

Robin, I would try to include a trip to Rhodes. AT Knossos there were some
increadible 5+ feet high storage jars that I have never forgotten. I know
there have been some earthquakes since I was there 30 some years ago with
some damage so check out the area 1st. I belive there was also a museum
nearby. Liz Gowen