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updated sun 28 jun 09


David Hendley on sat 27 jun 09

Mel, don't "paint" with too broad a brush.
A few years ago my wife signed up for a painting class at
the local junior college. I was amazed, and pleased, when
the first class was entirely about making the canvas they
were to paint on.
Not only were the students expected to stretch the canvas,
they made the frames with a table saw, from 2 X 4s - Well
designed stretchers with one surface cut on a bevel.

It's a small college and the teacher also teaches ceramics!

David Hendley

----- Original Message -----

> it would be interesting if some of you
> joined me in a tour of major college art studios.
> painting rooms.
> guess what? most of the canvas paintings/ stretchers come\
> from the book store. any size you want, just put down your money.
> when i did my 90 credit study at the u of minneosta/in painting...i was
> the only person in the department that made his own canvas stretchers
> and pulled my own canvas over the wood.
> rabbit skin glue? no one had ever heard of it. `hey, mel, how do you
> make those big paintings?` some had no idea that an artist could
> make his or her own paint and canvas'/