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tile with baby's footprint

updated sun 28 jun 09


L. P. Skeen on fri 26 jun 09

I do footprint plates. I have mom bring in the baby, and I throw the =3D
plate on the spot. Before cutting the plate free of the bat, I have mom =
hold barefoot baby up over the wheelhead, and then lower baby until foot =
touches the plate. I mash foot gently into the clay, repeat with other =3D
foot, and then finish up while mom wipes clay off feet and replaces sox. =
:) Never had trouble w/ toes gripping; in fact, grippy toes make a =3D
better imprint. =3D20

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Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 10:19 PM
Subject: Re: tile with baby's footprint

Good luck, When I tried this the toes curled under grabbing the clay. =
was easier getting a hand print.

Patty Kaliher

Bunny on sat 27 jun 09

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I've been asked to make a tile with an imprint of a 4 month old baby's
Does anyone have an suggestions of the best way to get a good imprint? Any
suggestions or advice on how to do this project will be greatly appreciated=


We did a project similar to this several years ago at a grade school (when
kids were being snatched, and parents had no hand/foot prints)

Since it was a large project we made tiles prior to the visit (6x6 I
believe...) in earthenware clay, bisqued.

Then we had two underglazes, pink for girls, blue/boys. We made up
underglaze 'pads' , we went to a printer who makes up stamp pads, but didn'=
put anything on the pad - we did.

So there we were, stamp pads in pink/blue, children, and bisque tiles.
They place their hand (we only did hands) on the pad, similar to the police
taking fingerprints, and we made sure the hand had enough paint on it, then
they placed their hand on the tile, once again an adult pressing the hand o=
to the tile to make sure the print was full and complete.

Then for the name we used the same underglaze in a squeeze bottle, and wrot=
out their name under the handprint. We took them all back to the studio,
fired, put clear glaze over & fired again. When we took them back for the
kids they were all impressed and they all came out really nice, so nice we
were asked to come back the following year to do the next class. We did
this for 2 years before the school/budget canceled it. Too bad, we all had
fun and the parents had a handy hand print of their children.

Was really easy to do, no mess, also it there was a mistake, no problem.
Take a wet sponge (we didn't have access to a sink) wipe it away and start