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recognition to waikato museum art gallery staff .

updated wed 16 sep 09


Antoinette Badenhorst on tue 15 sep 09

I am curious: Did Dane Mitchell recognize the Museum staff on his entry for=
ms? If I understood this article correctly, he invented the idea, but did n=
ot do the "arrangement". In most competitions it is required that anyone th=
at had a roll to play in one's entry must be mentioned..............

The idea provoke some reaction and a feeling of disgust. My first impressio=
n is also that this Dane Mitchell is a arrogant person with no respect for =
other people( not nesseserally so..........). If that was the message ( or =
any other similar message that he wanted to communicate), he was successful=
. Would it have pleased me...........? Definately not.
Antoinette Badenhorst.