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crowded studio: thin the herd

updated fri 25 sep 09


lili krakowski on thu 24 sep 09

Whenever we get into this sort of discussion we are getting into =3D
marriage counseling. Your problem is that Husband hunts, is proud of his =
trophies, cherishes his hunting "equipment" and wants the best for it. =3D
Meanwhile YOU want space for a studio where you can work. Conflict.

Now I do not know why the trophies belong in the guest bedroom at all. =3D
Surely they can be displayed elsewhere in the house. I know, I know, I =3D
live in Gd Bless the Second Amendment Country, and there is constant =3D
bickering about why the Double Horned Burmese Elk head has to be in the =3D
dining room, when a large mirror would be so much "nicer."

There now are excellent--so I am told--plastic storage bags--you have =3D
seen the ads, and friends have told me they are really good--that allow =3D
you to store clothes and then pump the air out of the bag so it can be =3D
stuck under beds...That might clear up some hunting gear from the room.

With some heads gone, and some closet space opened up, you should be =3D
able to hang a lot of stuff from the walls. Bat racks can be built =3D
against a wall easily. I do not like plaster in the studio, my wedging =3D
boards are canvas covered outdoor or marine plywood, and are hung up =3D
when not in use. Similarly I use a diversity of those white plastic =3D
covered wire thingies they make for bathrooms and kitchens to store =3D
colorants, stains, brushes, sponges, etc...All hang from the wall.
I also have a small solid ladder so I can reach higher, and utilize the =
shelves better.

Overhead storage as someone suggested is good--but tends to be a dust =3D

You do not tell us where you live...But do consider that ALL the clay =3D
does NOT need to be stored in the studio....nor do the 50 lbs bags of =3D

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage

Lee Love on thu 24 sep 09

This is my version of the bamboo and slats over the wheel platform,
suspended racks like they have in Japan, except these are of 2X2s and

Lee Love, Minneapolis
"The tea ceremony bowl is the ceramic equivalent of a sonnet: a
small-scale, seemingly constricted form that challenges the artist to
go beyond mere technical virtuosity and find an approach that both
satisfies and transcends the conventions." -- Rob Sliberman
full essay: