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updated wed 11 jan 12


Mike Gordon on thu 24 sep 09

I thought some teachers might be interested in this ........ Mike Gordon

Principals In Clark County, Nevada, Aim To Preserve Music Programs Amid
Budget Cuts.

The Las Vegas Sun (9/24, Richmond) reports that in the Clark County
School District, "principals have some discretion in deciding which
programs to cut and which to protect as the district reacts to the
first drop in student enrollment in more than 25 years." Most "are
working hard to preserve the district's much-lauded music program." The
Las Vegas Sun notes that "research has long shown that students who are
involved in fine arts programs typically do better in their academic
classes than their peers who don't take part." Alpin Hong, a
professional pianist and artist-in-residence at Clark County's Basic
High School who has "seen firsthand the impact of the economic downturn
on the nation's public schools," said that 'there's no question Clark
County's commitment to its fine arts program sets it apart from other

Mike Gordon on tue 10 jan 12

Something about the Phys Ed & learning. Many years ago there was also=3D20
an a study by a professor at Stanford University that stated that the=3D20
ARTS were influential in academic learning. I wish I had kept it. Mike=3D20=


Research Links Physical Activity To Classroom Performance.

The Washington Post (1/10) "KidsPost" blog reports that according to a=3D20=

Dutch review of 14 separate studies, "'being more physically active is=3D20=

positively related to academic performance in children.' Which is=3D20
really just a fancy way of saying kids who got exercise and were=3D20
physically fit tended to do better in school."
=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 Keith Ayoob writes at the USA Today (1/=
10) =3D
"Nutrition Nation"=3D20
blog that the "systematic review" suggests that active students do=3D20
better in class, but "results were very iffy. Out of the 14 studies=3D20
identified, only two were considered well-done. Still, there was a=3D20
trend: Over time, there seemed to be a connection between physical=3D20
activity and academic performance."=3D