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crowded studio, thin the heard

updated sat 26 sep 09


Linda Mccaleb on fri 25 sep 09

=3DA0 Hello ClayArters,=3D0A=3DA0 I'm sorry if I came across=3DA0 the way I=
seemed =3D
to. I invaded my husband's domain. It was the girl's old room that he took =
over to keep his things in. I saved the boy's room for a guest room.=3D0A=
=3DA0 =3D
My husband allowed me to put my wheels, shelving,boxes of clay,oxides,mason=
stains,tables,etc... in his room. I just have to put up with his stuff tha=
t=3DA0was in the room before I came in and took over. He does support me th=
gh and even makes molds of things that I have made including some very simp=
le carvings. We keep the plaster,feldspar, buckets of glaze, and other spac=
e needing materials in the garage. =3D0A=3DA0 So it is my fault that there =
are =3D
deer and wild hog heads in the studio, and I can't get into the closet. But=
it is a small room, and I do need more storage space. Over the head storag=
e will=3DA0be a pain because I'm so short. And my husband is 6'2". He would=
ave to do most of the building and all of the lifting because I have a bad =
back.=3D0A=3DA0 I am so sorry to mislead you all. I am at fault here not hi=
m, h=3D
e has given his space to me. I just wish my youngest son would pick up his =
gun case and entertainment center that my husband custom made for him, that=
would make more room. My husband makes money on=3DA0 custom making wooden =
ings and I make money on pottery.(that's probably the only reason he lets m=
e use his space, I make money)=3D0A=3DA0 Thank you, and again, I'm sorry to=
lead you,=3D0A=3DA0 Sincerely,,=3D0A, Linda=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A

Anne Doyle on fri 25 sep 09

Hi Linda!


Good for you that you're on your way to setting up a studio but I am just c=

why are you opting for the guest room instead of the garage?...=3D20

i ask mostly with concern to the silica dust in your home... i have a basem=
ent studio=3D20

and if i had a chance to move the studio away from the house i would do it =
in a=3D20

heartbeat. I tried to keep a spotless studio for the first 2 years but dust=
still got upstairs...=3D20

and although i wear a good mask while i mix glazes=3D2C i am convinced that=
ome dust still=3D20

migrates into my home with every little breeze.... i know so much more now =
about the=3D20

dangers of silica dust and although i'm careful=3D2C i sometimes feel guilt=
y =3D
for exposing my=3D20

family to the hazards ... one day i shall have my separate studio!! within =
the next 10 years...


Storage was the number one factor for me in the beginning and i have found =
that pottery=3D20

people are hoarders and pack-rats (ok=3D2C speaking for myself) and everyth=
g we think might=3D20

be useful to clay one day gets into the studio til you can barely move in t=
here! LOL...

If you are able to have a place for everything and everything in its place =
thats huge...


As for systems=3D2C i use reclaimed shelving and tables i find for free and=
ts a bit mismatched=3D20

but it works as long as everything can do double duty. My slabroller gets u=
sed the most=3D20

and when not in use provides a surface for pieces during glazing sessions..=


one thing i have that i'm glad of is some sturdy posts for hanging my 2 ext=
ruders from...=3D20

on opposite sides... my biggest revelation was flooring: i now have a float=
ing linoleum tile=3D20

floor which makes clean-ups so much easier than the cement floor under it a=
nd i'm really=3D20

happy i found that (on specal at IKEA)...


Good luck and maybe when you're done you could post pictures somewhere of w=
hat you've done!


Anne Doyle

Saint-Sauveur=3D2C QC


"I expect to pass through life but once.
If therefore=3D2C there be any kindness i can show=3D2C=3D20
or any good thing i can do to any fellow being=3D2C=3D20
let me do it now=3D2C and not defer or neglect it=3D2C=3D20
as i shall not pass this way again." William Penn

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