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oregon wood kilns

updated mon 28 sep 09


BJ Clark | Stinking Desert Ceramics on sun 27 sep 09

Hello All,
I am looking for information on wood kilns in/around Portland, Or that migh=
be available to fire in without being enrolled in a college course.

I recently moved to Oregon from Colorado. I have BFA in Studio Art and have
done a few wood firings at NAU and Anderson Ranch, so I have some
experience, but I have never had my own wood kiln. I'm looking for a kiln I
could bring pots to a few times a year and participate in firings. Double
points if the kiln does USU style reduction cooling. I don't have time for,
nor am I particularly looking for instruction, so having to participate in =
class isn't really preferred. I'm planning on finding my own studio space
where I can make/bisque then take my ware out to the kiln.

I have met Hiroshi Ogawa and a few of the people that fire with him (at NAU
wood conf), but I don't have the time/dedication to engage or participate
with him and his crew.
I know of the Astoria Dragon kiln, but I believe most of their firings are
for registered students or workshops. I can't find much about the kiln on
the college's website.
I know there's a small kiln at Mt Hood CC that Steven Mickey runs, but
again, I can't find much info and I think it's mostly for students.

Does anyone know of any other wood kilns or people I should be talking to?

BJ Clark
Stinking Desert Ceramics