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taking orders, lefties, and toxic materials

updated tue 13 oct 09


mel jacobson on sun 11 oct 09

i take orders.
it is money in the bank.
i give them a color range, what i fire, what i have.
i will never make pink mugs with `wally` written in gold.
screw that.

you have all seen my pots at one time or another.
i have made pots for the `general mills` boxes.
total cereal, hamburger helper. i get a blue/print/scaled drawing
of the pot they want. to the 1/32 of an inch.
it is an old need to go over it again.
they pay well.
i did a series of wheaties orange on white porcelain.
i used acrylic paint for the orange. just a photo.

i have at least six orders right now on my wheel.
flat plates, oil bottles, set of mugs.
one set of place setting of 16, chinese glaze with serving
pieces/waiting for money first...also.nephew got married, and they
registered with me.
many pots to make.
winter work.

how does one keep the studio going if you refuse to take orders?
i just won't do churches, committees....god save me from

i have had a few lefties that just could not get it `right`.
so. we just use the old shimpo, turn the reverse switch and
away they go. it is easy to tell if you have a total left brain person.
and, i am very sympathetic... i went through the smack on the
wrist...`can't cut with right handed scissors, stupid boy`.
i want to find that bitch and put a left handed scissor in her
right hand then smack her. she won't be able to cut worth a damn.
try holding a pencil in your left hand, and read the writing..upside
down and backwards...noxid, 2 .on agorednogiT
john h. was deemed backwards, and he was.
how did he ever get a ph.d.? (and, in engineering.)
the world is an amazing place.

by the way, i cannot use a computer mouse in my left hand.
learned right. cannot switch.

if you are teaching in a public school, art center or such.
don't have anything toxic around that a fool can be hurt with.
the lawyers will be at your door. perhaps a quality college program
with strict rules could get away with it.

can you imagine a mom coming into my high school room and
seeing a bag of white lead on the shelf? screaming to the school
board that i want to kill all the kids at hopkins high.
it all depends on your venue. one has to be smart/or else.
we live in a world of panic riddled fools. they know very little,
but will always tell you how to run your life. god almighty tony,
don't you know that pie has sugar, and sugar will kill you?
and, there should be a `law` against pie for breakfast. (Sheila can
have pie, she knows how to control herself.)
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marci and rex on sun 11 oct 09

At 04:56 PM 10/11/2009, mel jacobson wrote:
>i take orders.
>it is money in the bank.
>i give them a color range, what i fire, what i have.
>i will never make pink mugs with `wally` written in gold.
>screw that.

DAMMIT ! And I was just gonna order one from ya! .............(
sigh ) ,,, ( scratches ' pink Wally mug' off Christmas list )

Bonnie Staffel on mon 12 oct 09

In my early days of becoming a potter, I taught some of the neighbor
children in my studio. My admonition to them was to not put their =3D
brushes or
fingers in their mouths when using the glazes. One girl's mother called =
as her child had funny red blotches around her mouth. On observing this
child I had also noticed that she liked to put a clean paper cup to her
mouth and draw her air in which would bring blood to that section of her
face. Now if I hadn't been observant of this practice, I might have been
facing a law suit. However, back then such litigation practices weren't =3D

As for taking orders, when I had my shop, I took a lot of orders, mostly =
similar items that I regularly sold and were out of stock. However, I =3D
took a down payment because I told them I wanted to be in control of the
process and I didn't like the pressure. If they didn't like the results,
they were not obligated to buy. Another person wanted me to make them a =3D
of dishes with no color or decoration. I asked them then why are you =3D
me to make these? My forte was in my decoration. Another customer asked =
to make a set of dishes for her and they turned out beautifully. Since =3D
selling period was only for the three summer months, I called her =3D
times to tell her that they were finished. She could not give me a pick =3D
date. Our customers were usually summer people who leave the area by =3D
Day. Almost to Labor day, never heard from her so I sold the set to =3D
customer. A few days later, she came in looking for her order. Needless =3D
say, I probably lost her as a customer.=3D20

I could add another story, a customer wanted two hand thrown bathroom =3D
to match her wallpaper. I hesitated but I did have the yellow Mason =3D
that I could use. I made the two but she brought them back as they =3D
match, in her opinion. So I made another set using another shade of =3D
Mason Stain. Got the color right, but then I gifted my gallery owner the =
originals as a housewarming present for his new home. Figured I would =3D
have a
hard time selling two sinks with this particular color. Fortunately my =3D
was popular and I had ready customers for the most anything I made..

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