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painting on ceramic tle

updated sat 13 dec 97


Glenda Worm on wed 10 dec 97

Could anyone give me information on painting on commercial glazed tile
without having to fire after painting? I don't have a kiln of my own and
won't take the chance of refiring commercial tile in someone elses kiln.
I have seen tiles painted and nor refired but don't know what paint.
they use. I probably need brand names and sources as I live a long way
from any supplier. Thank you. Glenda

Paul Lewing on fri 12 dec 97

There is nothing unfired that I know of that I would trust to paint on
tiles if you intend to put these tiles on walls, counters or floors,
or if you intend to put hot pots on them, or even leave them in
sunlight for long periods of time. If there is such a product on the
market, I've not heard of it in my 15 years or so of making tiles. Or
if there is, it hasn't been around very long, and I wouldn't trust
anything that hasn't been in use for at least 10 years.

Sorry, but there's really no point in doing a ceramic medium like tile
without firing it. Your finished product will be not much more
durable than paintings done with acrylic or oils on something like

Paul Lewing, Seattle