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rooms 4 smokers at nceca?

updated sun 18 oct 09


Logan Johnson on fri 16 oct 09

Hi Gang,
I just=3DA0 found a sitter for the kids for nceca so I will be there if I c=
find a hotel that offers smoking rooms since the Marriot does not. Does an=
yone on the list know another hotels in the area ?=3DA0=3DA0 Now before any=
one =3D
suggests it... NO, I will NOT pay over a hundred dollars a night so I can g=
o outside to smoke in my P.J's.=3DA0=3D20
Thanks !
Logan Johnson=3D20
Yakima Valley Pottery & Supply=3D20
719 w. Nob Hill blvd.=3D20
Yakima Wa. 98902=3D20
(509) 469-6966=3D20