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slippery decks

updated sun 18 oct 09


mel jacobson on sat 17 oct 09

here is nice touch for slippery decks....i have them..miles of them.
i mix grog and fine saw dust and cast if over the slippery areas.
people walk it in.

in the spring i just hose the stuff into the lawn.
no damage, and it works fine.

i stay away from salt on my wood. but, there are times
that it is necessary.

when you have folks coming to buy pots, they don't like
falling off the deck.
(keep a million in liability insurance)

i have a sign on my garage:
careful: decks can be slippery

i cover my studio floors with saw dust.
add some oil and i just walk it in.

any scrap clay or glaze mixes in, and it
is easy to clean up.
as i have said many times...the garden hose
comes right into my studio and i flood the floors
and let it go right down my drain in the center of the floor.
it drains into a rough area behind my studio.
i purchased a used/broken floor polisher/scrubber/ you know
like janitors have. i put in a new cotter pin, cleaned it all up,
and fine. i order on line, black 3m scrubber pads.
i go over the entire deck twice a year and take off the green
scum that forms. that is the slippery crap.
takes me an hour.

from: minnetonka, mn
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Lee Love on sat 17 oct 09

I worked at UPS for ten years. The last years, fulltime, in the
yard, fueling and parking delivery trucks and semi-trailers. ( Except
for the time I drove delivery .) The semi-tractors had boxes in
front of the drive wheels that dispensed sand. Five gallon buckets
were in every delivery truck and those were filled with granite
chicken grit.

I use chicken grit and sandbox sand on the walk and back porch.
For the front walk, I put a little rock salt in this mixture. It
makes only a little salt necessary.

Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

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