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sanding ware - avoiding dust

updated mon 19 oct 09


gayle bair on sun 18 oct 09

Check out sanding sponges

You can get them at hardware stores.
I bought mine at Harbor Freight.
They're Grrrreat!;-)

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island WA
Tucson AZ

On Oct 18, 2009, at 9:24 AM, Chris Campbell wrote:

> I need to sand my colored porcelain
> when it is leather hard, after it is
> bisqued and again after high firing.
> I have found several alternatives to
> dusty sanding.
> At leather hard the work can be
> 'sanded' by wiping it carefully with
> a damp natural sponge.
> NOT an artificial sponge.
> I usually do all the outsides one day,
> dry overnight and then sand the inside
> the next day. Doing both surfaces the
> same day sometimes leads to collapse
> since I work very thin.
> When dust will be produced, I sand over
> a large plastic glaze type bucket.
> I put a few inches of water on the bottom
> to absorb the dust particles then I sand the
> work by holding it just inside the bucket.
> The dust falls into the water and settles to
> the bottom. I usually wear a high quality
> mask to filter out any stray particles.
> I use wet/dry sandpaper on wet bisque
> so there is no air born dust.
> My porcelain needs a quick sanding
> after high firing to smooth the surface
> since I do not use glazes.
> Wet sanding does this and leaves no
> traces behind.
> Go to your local Ace Hardware ...
> in the sanding aisle you will find a lot of
> new products that work much better than
> the simple sheet of sandpaper. Some hold
> most of the dust on them until you dip them
> in water.
> Whether you are in a home studio or a
> community center it is your job to keep down
> the dust and it does not need to be expensive ...
> just thoughtful.
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