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halloween wood firing in beaufort nc

updated fri 23 oct 09


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 22 oct 09

We are firing the wood kiln on Halloween. We will start at dawn and end ar=
ound dusk, so anyone interested in checking out how low fire wood can be do=
ne is welcome to come visit. There will be candy provided!

We will finish at dusk so that all the kidlets can go and do Trick or Treat=
in downtown Beaufort, Ann Street is famous for great treats!

Call if you need directions or would like more info. This is basically an =
open studio for visitors and any students who would like to check out the f=
acilities. (The sawdust fireballs will blast off around 6-7 pm for the pyr=
o types out there.)

Come join us for fun!

- ePriddy

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA