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heating the studio

updated sat 24 oct 09


Linda Stauffer on fri 23 oct 09

I have a studio about 25' X 28', a pole building with 8" insulated
walls and 12" of insulation in the 9' ceilings, five windows and 2
doors. I have an 1895 Golden Oak Parlor Stove that I burn wood or
coal in when I am in the studio. It gets really toasty in there. When
I built the studio in 2004 I also installed four eheat panels.
>. These panels are GREAT! They are connected to a digital thermostat
that can control the heat 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. I have it set
low when I am not in the studio, to keep the clay and glazes from
freezing. I can control the temp each day, when to warm it up, and
cool it down. I just tap the suitcase and it know I will be away and
not to follow the schedule until I hit the sunshine button. These 4
panels each cost about 4 cents an hour to keep my studio at 65. Just
wanted to share a great solution and they have a great sale with free
shipping. (I don't own stock in the company).

Linda Stauffer

"We should love people and use things, not love things and use people"
Katie Stauffer 1983-2003