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tracking gallery/shop inventory - long-ish

updated sat 24 oct 09


Steve Mills on fri 23 oct 09

Like you I'm a lousy record keeper, but I've been forced into organising
myself out of sheer self-preservation.
The starting signal for me was an American Potter in Japan, David Telke: I
noticed that stuck on the bottom of each of his pieces was a little piece o=
paper about 2cm long with two of three Kanji Characters on.
I said: "Why?" he said on it was the date of making and the price.
Pictograms are fine for that, but Roman numerals take up too much space, so
I came up with a four digit number to give me year of manufacture and the
number of the piece in that year. and created a spread-sheet to enter that
and the rest of the required info.
The number sequence is printed on very thin layout paper, and stuck to the
bottom of the pot with clear nail varnish (no sniggering! :-).
The spread-sheet has, in addition to the number sequence, columns for:
Description and size, Retail price, Where placed, Sold/gifted/trashed etc.,
and Comments. I also photograph each piece and keep that in a separate
So now I have accurate product record which goes back to 05 when the penny
dropped AND provided I make myself update it, a record of WHERE everything

I hope this helps


On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 2:26 PM, Fred Parker wrote:

> Admittedly I am the worst when it comes to keeping up with inventory in t=
> shops and galleries that carry my work. I have no clue how to go about i=
> and frankly, it doesn't interest me as much as making pots. I TOTALLY re=
> on the good intentions and thoroughness of the shop owners/managers, and =
> KNOW this is naive.
> Can anyone suggest a reasonable approach to tracking inventory in
> consignment shops and galleries?
> Many thanks,
> Fred Parker