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larkin nitride bonded silicon carbide shelves + kiln wash + other =

updated tue 27 oct 09


jonathan byler on mon 26 oct 09


We just got in a load of 18x18 nitride bonded silicon carbide shelves
from larkin. We are going to be using them for regular old ^10
reduction firings. I did an initial firing today to burn out whatever
stuff may off gas as was recommended, and I was going to try putting a
dot or three of glaze on the edge of one of the shelves to see how
much it eats into the shelf, but I completely forgot.

I was wondering if people have been using kiln wash on these, or just
leaving them bare... we usually use a rough mix of two scoops alumina
hydrate to 1 scoop of epk and 1 scoop of silica... not exactly
scientific, but it has worked well on our high alumina shelves over
the years. I am concerned about using kiln wash because there are
slits cut into the shelves for stress relief, and I am thinking that
kiln wash will get into the slits and possibly fall on the ware below.

any thoughts?


p.s. the shelves seem o.k. at first glance, one or two were slightly
thicker than others, and a few were warped maybe 1/16 - 1/8 inch
across 18" of width. but for about $66 each delivered, I can live
with that... for the advancers people wanted 4-5 times that plus
delivery (bailey wants like 10-20% of the advertised shelf cost just
to pack them) and then I would have to baby them a lot more. Babying
them is not such an option in a university environment. Hopefully
these work out well.