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wood fired affects

updated thu 29 oct 09


mel jacobson on wed 28 oct 09

yes, marian, there are hundreds of wood fired
effects and affects.

it all depends on your own aesthetic.

some love gobs of ash dripping, some like
special glazes, some like bare clay. how the kln is loaded,
fired, and the use of wads of clay type material that holds off
the color and effects all are critical.

there is no end to it. and, many women
are firing wood.
it is not a male gig.

as i mentioned the other day. cindy hosskinson/oregon,
has fired nils' wood kiln maybe 80 times. she is an
expert. few know any more than cindy about
the qualities and difficulties of wood firing. it is
not for the faint of heart.

of course...we are `dabblers`...only others know
the true meaning of wood kilns. (they have the instruction book,
and it is secret.)

i will pass that on to kevin caufield and zac..they will
love that. i would not want to be at northern clay and
confront kevin about his knowledge and experience.
from: minnetonka, mn
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