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foot rims, handles, spouts and for that matter any attachments or =

updated fri 30 oct 09


Antoinette Badenhorst on thu 29 oct 09


Ever saw a=3DC2=3DA0lady wearing a beautiful dress, but she wears=3DC2=3DA0=
rate make up or she has too=3DC2=3DA0 much or too little or wrong jewelry?=

=3DC2=3DA0I like to aproaqch my work the same way I dress myself.=3DC2=3DA0=
all dress for the ocassion. If we dress for comfort, we will add or leave =
out certain items and so we will do for a formal or informal event.=3DC2=3D=
all=3DC2=3DA0like to dress tastefully and in a way that fits our style.=3D=

Foot rims, handles and spouts and for that matter any attachments or decora=
tion should be approached carefully and with much consideration. All of the=
se items falls into the same categories: practicality, balance, personal ta=
ste; the right thing on the right piece.=3DC2=3DA0There are really no rules=
in stone other than true and honest consideration.=3D20

A potter that cares about his/her work, that's passionate about what they d=
o and how the world should see their work,=3DC2=3DA0will not just do becaus=
e so=3D
mebody told them to do or not to do it, or worse, because they want to "saf=
e some time". They will do it because they believe that they are doing the =
right thing.=3D20

It is not a beginner or advanced consideration, it is an honest considerati=
on. It is respect for the medium you work with and guys, let me tell you so=
mething: clay has a voice. The final product says it all; it tells you very=
straight and honest who the owner is, how the owner treated it. It is the =
"stamp" that just as we make a statement with our clothes, it tells the wor=
ld who we are.=3D20

So: whether you make a footrim, handles, decorations or whatever........rem=
ember, you remind the world of who you are.........=3D20

Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20
Lincolnshire, Illinoise=3D20