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wash, glaze or slip?

updated mon 2 nov 09


Cathi Newlin on sun 1 nov 09

Am I the only one out there who strggles more with the process after the =
I never seem really sure how to treat or glaze my ware.
But that's sort of anopther subject...

I have a series of hollow "tiles" I made to cover the back side of my =3D
(pics here: )
They are a white stoneware, textured and with a sprigged motif on them.
They have a Dia de los Muertes theme, so all I really want to do is =3D
accent the designs.
I have seen a couple of neat techniques lately in PMI. One used a black =
gloss glaze, washed on and then wiped off. Another used a black slip =3D
done pretty much the same way. I also thought about using a black iron =3D
oxide wash.

Mostly just wondering what you all think of the various techniques. Are =3D
there signifigant differences?
I probably would not do much else to the tiles except perhaps throw a =3D
clear glaze over whatever I do, but maybe not.

Also, if I use an iron oxide wash, can I add a little bentonite to =3D
suspend the iron oxide?
What would be a good ratio?
Thanks in advance!

Cathi Newlin, Angels Camp, Ca
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