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fw: 3rd copper red firing

updated fri 13 nov 09


liz gowen on thu 12 nov 09


Paul, I start reduction at 1650 I think it really does need an early
reduction so will try it at 1500. The first firing where I got good reds =
a fast firing up and a crash cool. No slow cool I reduced maybe a bit
earlier 1600 and got some really beautibul reds so I am not convinced =3D
cooling helps reds, but was hoping to put less stress on the pots =3D
with the slow cool. I had reds in the hot and cool part of the kiln =3D
was I melted the bottom post, shelf... And the stack fell . I need to =3D
out the heat and as per the previous message from Chris will try more =3D
around the shelves....Liz

when i fired copper reds a long time ago they always came out red but i =3D
to start reduction around 1500 - 1600 F to get them to come out. If i
started later than that they just did not work, especially in the parts =3D
the kiln that heated up fast. What temp are you starting body reduction? =
also found them to come out better in the cooler parts of the kiln.