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fwd: re: rutile blue in slow cooling kilns?

updated fri 13 nov 09


Paul Borian on thu 12 nov 09

i actually did some tests with that same glaze a few months ago just to
experiment. At cone 11 it came out brown-ish in my kiln! Kind of
brownish/white or beige i guess you could say, and i did try it a little
thicker and a little thinner. Not a single trace of blue, pink or green
like you get.
What size is your kiln? I think mine cools especially slow for some reason.

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From: Dana & Chris Trabka
Date: Nov 12, 2009 12:04am
Subject: Re: Rutile blue in slow cooling kilns?

> Paul,

> I have a glaze that is labeled SVR (Sun Valley Rutile). The glaze can be
> anything from green, to variegated blues and whites to white to shades of
> pink. Over the years I have come to understand that if it is applied too
> thin it is green, if it is applied too thick it is white (and runs a
> bit), and if it is not fired hot enough and is a bit thick it is pink .
> The stir stick will let me know if the glaze is too thick or too thin
> (how quickly does it run off). A count of 4 (when dipping) gets blues, 2
> for green, and 6 for white.

> Chris