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low fire and terra sig

updated sun 15 nov 09


Kate McCoy on sat 14 nov 09

Morning all, from a very dreary, cold and foggy South Puget Sound,

so I saw that Lee L and Russel F do low fire, and since I like their=3D20
work, decided to try some. Got info from Vince's book about Terra Sig, =3D2=
and did a few pieces.

WOW! it truly is amazing how it shines in seconds and fire's so nicely.

So now, I need some info. I think Lee mentioned that he uses his for pie=3D=
plates. You can cook in them then? Do I need to put vegetable spray in=3D20
them - on my regular stoneware, pastry releases without spray. Can you=3D20
use them for "wet" cooking, like you would use a tagine, but in an oven=3D2=
instead of stovetop? Is there a heat limit, like 350=3DB0.

Any other use tips?

Thanks all