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did something that amazed me in class today

updated mon 16 nov 09


Deborah Thuman on sat 14 nov 09

I got my big pig snout with the noses attached to it into the kiln. It
was a real trip to get this snout cocked just right to miss the temp
probe and the coils and the bricks. Much to my amazement.... the
sucker fit in the kiln.

The gas firing is moved to December 5 so I can get more tiles done and
bisque fired. I'm auditioning designs on tiles to see what I want. I
have a wall in the master bath that needs tile. No, it's not going to
get wet. It's just to look nice. There's a wall in the powder room
that badly needs tiles. And I want tiles for the wall behind the stove.

Yes, this does mean I'm having major stress. Pounding on tiles helps
me to get it out of my system.

Deb Thuman