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low fire glaze test

updated thu 19 nov 09


dayton grant on wed 18 nov 09

Low fire (^04?) white glaze from Aardvark, with 'heat treated'(400*f) ename=
colors including metallic silver and gold, called "Glossies" from Liquitex.
I'm hoping or the general appearance of china paint.
They're not really 'fired' technically, but you can't scratch them off with
your fingernail once they've been in a 400*f oven for an hour, so that's
good enough for now.
They are also supposed to be 'dishwasher safe' if you put them on something
watertight like glass or vitrified clay.
So if anyone needs to decorate something ceramic in a cheap and easy way
(400*f in your home oven) Glossies from Liquitex maybe an option and
non-potters won't even know the difference if ya' don't tell 'em.
'wink wink'...
anyways, that's my opinion, not only do I like 'em I wish I would have foun=
them sooner.
Later D.G.