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low fire glaze/paint test

updated sun 22 nov 09


dayton grant on sat 21 nov 09

Ok, so, I guess you guys are right, the 400 degree enamel is 'not' for use
on dishes or coffee cups or anything that's going to be soaking or
scratching around in the sink with the silverware or whatever,
but so far nobody I know has been able to scratch it off with a fingernail
(and we really tried)
so I don't think I'll be using it on anything other than ornamental and
decorative work.
But I still think that a semi permanent paint for ceramics is really good
practice for china paints because the consistency is about the same and
one could run the acrylic enamel through all the pens and brushes that one
would use for china paint and so it's an efficient way to plan out motif an=
color schemes without having to fire a million times with clove oil fumes o=
one could make low fire pots with acrylic paint as practice for stoneware
pots with China paint