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crystals, glazes, and cold temps.

updated thu 26 nov 09


Reed Bakken on wed 25 nov 09

It's that time of year for the glazes
to start forming crystals. The cold temps
force the crystals. If your keep your glazes
above 55 degrees F. they shouldn't do it.
If you just heat up the crystals and pour them
back into a cold glaze, they will form again.

This is one of the reasons
why I love cone 10 glazes,
no problem with crystals.
I think the frits and lithium based oxides
are more soluble than feldspars.

This is my personal experience, using cone 04 glazes
at the college where I teach, and cone 10 glazes at
my studio.

Talk soon,

Reed Bakken
Slip & Slurry Pottery
Oregon, Illinois