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fwd: re: mommy! daddy! the kids are not playing nicely!

updated sat 5 dec 09


joyce on fri 4 dec 09

>To: lili krakowski
>From: joyce
>Subject: Re: Mommy! Daddy! The kids are not playing nicely!
>Truth is, Lili, this is an easy call because you, my dear, Care
>About Everything........ of any consequence .... and some that may not be =
>consequential. And may it always be thus!
>Joyce - in the Mojave Desert of CA where it's cold and getting
>colder next week, so "they" say. Snow
on Sierras melted but there's hope that this will be a Wet
Winter, and wildflowers might be rampant
Spring of 2010. Jackson, the one year old cairn terrier, is
getting accustomed to studio since he likes to
be near Mojo (for wrestling purposes) and I'm working on 2,000
Bowl Project, might make that 2010.
I enjoy bowl forms most, but will add a few dozen platters
because they make such wonderful backdrops
for decorating.

>At 07:29 AM 12/4/2009, you wrote:
>>Can I have an on-list tantrum, please?
>>There are BAD people out there who are cluttering the list (first
>>mistyped "lust") with things that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH
>>CLAY! Bad, bad people! They are talking cougars and bears and
>>creeks and cell phones! That is terrible! Make them stop!
>>I want this list restricted to what I care about!!! Not what others
>>care about!
>>Lili Krakowski
>>Be of good courage