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empty bowls in texas...any helpers?

updated sun 13 dec 09


Jim Willett on sat 12 dec 09

Hello All,
Through our website we just received a call for help from a lady who is t=
to get an empty Bowls project running in The Colony area of Texas. Here i=
s a=3D20
portion of her letter:

"Forgive me in advance for wasting your very artistic time! I just don't =
where else to look... I am part of an event called the North Texas Soup N=
We are looking to raise money for a food pantry in The Colony, Texas.

I am trying to figure out a way to make several hundred bowl for people t=
o eat=3D20
soup out of and then take home as a reminder of their contribution to the=
pantry and the needs of struggling families.

Please, I don't know what else to do except ask: do you have any ideas fo=
how I can teach some volunteers (kids from the school I work at) as well =
supervising adults, how to do this simlpy and cost effectively????"

We have suggested the most obvious way (to us) would be to slump mold a=3D2=

series of bowls and find a potter's club or guild or some local potter wh=
o would=3D20
take them, fire them, glaze them and glaze fire them all again before the=
end of=3D20
January. Obviously it is a little far away from us for us to personally g=
ive much=3D20
assistance, but we are wondering if there is someone in her area who migh=
t be=3D20
able to help.

Her name is Sara and her email address, which she has given us permission=
release is

We are hoping there is someone out there who can help her out. We spoke=3D2=

with her on the phone tonight and she seems to be a really good person wh=
wants to do good things for the less advantaged.

All the best,
Jim Willett and Cindy Clarke
from frosty Edmonton Alberta