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making "empty bowls"

updated mon 14 dec 09


lili krakowski on sun 13 dec 09

If Good Person had spoken up earlier....Ah, well.

There was an article either in CLAYTIMES or in PMI some time ago--will =3D
look and see if I can find--but someone else may remember--in which kids =
were making very simple bowls by lining existing plastic bowls with =3D
paper toweling or thin cotton cloth and pressing thin slabs into them to =
make quick and easy bowls....

An amusing idea I have used is to use a large fruit as a hump mold. As =3D
Good Person is in Texas something suitable--a large grapefruit, a melon, =
should work. I am very fond of winter squash and a butternut squash =3D
makes a nice humpmold...Lacking which a large ball will work...

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage