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wood firing workshop near washington dc

updated sun 20 dec 09


Bruce Bowers on sat 19 dec 09

Hi Folks,

It's time for me to start scheduling wood firing workshops for 2010.
The first one will be March 19-22, 2010, with a preliminary meeting in my
studio in Kensington, Maryland at 7:00 pm on the first Friday in February.

For out of towners, there are inexpensive motels within 12 minutes of the
kiln site and bisqueware may be shipped.

These workshops are strictly hands on experiences and participants can get
involved in as much of the process as they feel comfortable with.

We will fire in a Manigibama II kiln......a 36 cubic foot tunnel kiln that
is based on the same design format as an anagama.

If there is sufficient interest, a trip to a local stoneware clay site and
the opportunity to dig and process your own clay is a possiblility.
Reduction cooling is something else that could be done.

The Intro Session and the three days at the kiln are fully instructional
and are geared primarily toward people who are either new to wood firing or
would like to broaden their knowledge of the process.

Last year, I did 7 of these and they were very well received.

Anyone with a potential interest is welcome to call me at (301) 646-3481.
You may also visit my web page at _www.bowerswoodfireandpics.com_
The Wood Fire Workshop pages contain a lot of information and there is even
a video of a workshop from last Spring.

All but a couple of pots pictured on the site were fired in the same kiln
that we would be using.

Take care,

Bruce Bowers