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thanks re:bubbly ash glazes

updated tue 16 dec 97


Wendy Moore on mon 15 dec 97

I want to thank those glaze gurus who responded to my cry for help
on that nasty bubbly ash glaze problem. The first avenue of experiment
worked (fortunately) satisfactorily . Though firing a class kiln, we
requested that for this specific firing that we have only those glazes
that don't need a heavy early body reduction: i.e. shinos, copper reds,
celadons, etc. This seemed to solve the problem completely. Also, the
colors were cleaner and brighter than they had been in over a year.

So, we are now separating our kilns. I just fired heavy for the carbon
traps, copper reds, and celadons and got the best firing yet. Now all
we have to do is get the students to tag or labels those glazes that are
effected by the differences in firing. (I had a very unhappy student
who placed a fake ash glazed pot on the "heavy" fire rack and got mud as
a result. Live and learn)

So again, I thank all of you who came to our rescue.

Wendy Moore, the Apron Lady