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101 mugs

updated fri 19 dec 97


Ron Wright on tue 16 dec 97

If anyone who is planning to send a mug to Marshall for the exhibit
wants a photo of a mug scanned for this project, they can snailmail me
the photo and I'll scan it and email it back and return the photo if
they send a S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope).

The web page is at

No photo's yet, but it's there.

Don't send me any mugs. Don't send Marshall any mugs until he is ready.

Ron Wright

Joyce Lee on thu 18 dec 97

Like most everyone I appreciate the satire and jokes, as well as the
serious bits, about Marshall's Plan A. Just want it known that I want
my mug to be on a Clayart board back east. Mine do not sell for $35.00,
although I had one sell for $17.00 to a strange man, well he wasn't so
"strange, I just didn't know him, and I was pleased. I will donate my
mug to whomever. If Marshall does the work, it's his. Don't want a
jury; I may not make the cut although I'll do my very best work, but
look at the competition! Don't want the mug back. Like the idea of
somebody out there drinking out of MY mug. Don't give up, Marshall!

In the Mojave