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empty bowls advice

updated sun 10 jan 10


Marcia Selsor on fri 8 jan 10

I have been making bowls for empty bowls for 7-8 or more years. I have =3D
also worked on fundraisers. I think that sponsors should be found to pay =
for the materials rather than contantly asking potters to donate their =3D
time, skill, glazing, firing, plus the cost of clay which continues to =3D
rise.Maybe sponsors could provide potters with clay or acknowledgement =3D
by buying a good piece in recognition. SOme empty bowl events have =3D
auctions as well. Even if nothing is given to potters, sponsors are how =3D
most fundraisers make money. Get a local Hospital, churches, synagogues, =
mosques, to sponsors ads or whatever...$200, $500, corporate =3D
sponsorships, $1000...these will go a long way to help the foodbanks. =3D
Make sure sponsors are acknowledged in all publicity.

Marcia Selsor

Nancy Jonnum on fri 8 jan 10

We are working on an Empty Bowls supper in my small community in
Central California. The local food bank will receive all of the
proceeds. We would welcome any donation of bowls. If they are in the
area of Visalia, Fresno or Oakhurst, I might be able to pick them up.

What I really wanted to ask for is advice. We have been planning this
event for some time. It is to take place on Feb. 6. Most of the
arrangements have been made, and we are beginning to promote it and
sell tickets today. We have never done this before, and I know that
many of you have. Do you know of any pitfalls that we should watch out
for? Or is there anything that really worked well for you?

Thanks for your help,