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updated sun 10 jan 10


Claudia MacPhee on sat 9 jan 10


The question I keep asking is "Why do you care?". So they don't fully co=
ver their pieces with glaze and it looks ugly to YOU. This Christmas I sent=
a 5 year old home with three wrapped plates for his family. They were so u=
gly to me-the colours, yuck! I asked him on Thursday if they put cookies on=
them for the holidays. No. His Mom put them all on the wall because she sa=
id if they broke it would break her heart!!!

The older kids who care what their work looks like will do the same as w=
e do. They take their time and double check to make sure the glazing job is=
good. Remember, these little guys are learning. Every time you touch up th=
eir work you are telling them they aren't quite good enough. It is up to th=
em to realize their efforts need a bit more. When i look back at kids who m=
ade blobs in Grade 1 and now are very good clay artists in Grade 9 it makes=
me remember to be patient. There is so much more going on when you teach c=
hildren than just learning a skill and making a product.

I guess I am lucky not being a 'real' teacher. No one grades me on the w=
ork of my students. They only care that they are learning to concentrate an=
d are gaining self-confidence. Different world.

Claudia MacPhee Tagish, Yukon