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i wood if i could?

updated tue 12 jan 10


Fredrick Paget on sun 10 jan 10

Another "spare the air" day today here in the San Francisco Bay
area. That means we can not burn any wood today, including my pellet

Wood firing here is out of the question. That is why I am a member of
the Tozan society in B.C. Canada.
Fred Paget
Twin Dragon Studio
Mill Valley, CA, USA>
Charter Member Potters Council

David Hendley on sun 10 jan 10

I burn pallet and crate wood, nails and all. Some of the crates
have big-ole spiked plates to hold them together - they go in
the firebox as well.

Nails don't melt in my firebox. They get red-hot, and layers
of scale flake off. All this can easily be shoveled out after the
firing. It is funny, however, to end up with a 5 gallon bucket
of "ashes" that weighs about 50 pounds, thanks to all that metal.

Then there is the problem of disposal - pure ashes can simply
be spread on the garden and tilled in the soil. The nail residue
in the ashes will eventually rust away, but I don't want it in
my garden or landscape, so I usually dump it in a hole out on
the back 40. I also dump metal cans that can't be recycled
out there. They are rusted away in 10 or 15 years.

Burning wood with nails in it also ruins the ashes for use as a
glaze ingredient, unless you want the iron contamination and
a nice spotted effect in your glaze.

David Hendley

----- Original Message -----
> I am lucky to live about 5 miles from a huge abandoned slab pile. There
> are hundreds of cords of pine and white spruce slabs. Also some edge
> trimmings perfect for sidestoke wood.About 50 cords worth. I also have
> access to lots of pallets as it costs too much to ship them back South. M=
> question-do you guys burn them with the nails? Maybe a dumb question, but
> I have kept them out of my kiln because I wasn't sure about all that
> melting iron.