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updated wed 13 jan 10


John Connolly on mon 11 jan 10

Veena, I've been using it for several years and find it more comprehensive =
than "Elements". I have no idea if it runs on Windows 7. I use Windows XP.

John Connolly in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

--- On Sun, 1/10/10, Veena Raghavan wrote:

From: Veena Raghavan
Subject: Corel Paint Shop Pro=3DAE Photo X2
Date: Sunday, January 10, 2010, 5:58 PM

Hi Clayarters,

I wonder if anyone can help me with some advice on Corel Paint Shop Pro=3DA=
Photo X2 . It is being offered at $70, a good deal cheaper than Photoshop=
Elements 8. I have just had to upgrade to a Windows 7 notebook computer, an=
d the=3D20
version of Elements that I have (#5) will not work with Windows 7 according=
to the Windows 7 Advisor and according to the Adobe web site.=3D20

Does anyone have any experience with Paint Shop Pro X2, and if so, what do=
you think of it in comparison with Photoshop Elements?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.


Johanna DeMaine on mon 11 jan 10

Hi Veena
I have no experience with Corel Paint Shop Pro=3DAE Photo X2. However =
you considered the GIMP This is a free program
available for Windows as well as Linux. It is not quite as powerful as
Photoshop full version but would be close to Photoshop Elements. Since
switching my operating to Kubuntu Linux 5 years ago I have used nothing e=

With Gimp I am able to prepare all my digital images either for the web o=
publication as well as running the design process for the Roland Vinyl
Cutter that is integral for my sandblasting.=3D20=3D20=3D20

I can only find positives for this program. It has not disappointed me y=
and I was initially trained in Photoshop as part of the Computer based
Art&Design course that I completed at University.


Johanna DeMaine