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updated tue 12 jan 10


Brandon Phillips on mon 11 jan 10

I have catenary crossdraft where the firebox drops about 22 inches or so
below the chamber floor. The grates are at about 18 and right above is
where I've recorded the hottest temps in the kiln. I've only checked it
on one firing but the inside of the coal bed was substantially cooler(1900
vs 2300) than the combustion zone above the grates. Never hotter than the
chamber. I'm sure this has to do with the air being sucked in through the
open primary ports and the coals being so far from the grate. Not sure
about other types of kilns but it makes sense that if the coals are
preheating the air(as they are in my kiln) that they will be cooler. Just
an observation, I may keep tabs on it the next firing just for curiosities

Brandon Phillips

It can eat right through the pot and into the kiln shelf, and that's
> in the firing chamber. The coalbed of a wood kiln is far hotter than
> that.
> - Vince