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studio covered in tiles - please help

updated thu 18 dec 97


Cathy Mumford on wed 17 dec 97

Hi there clayarters! I have recently moved to Saskatoon,Saskatchewan
Canada. We purchased a ten acre parcel of land south of the city on the
South Sask River.(Breathtaking view) I am currently designing a studio
separate from our house. I intend to cover the exterior wall(s) with
tiles from clay artists from (hopefully)all over the world as well as
North America. A big undertaking ... one tile or wall at a time!!. If
you would be willing to donate a tile or two or know of another clay
tile artist willing to be part of this permanent work of art please let
me know. Every tile and its corresponding artist will be clearly
recorded. I want my studio to someday be a landmark as well as an
inspiration to work in and behold. I have no doubt that "The Clay
Studio on the River" will be fantastic and someday famous. We get
fairly cold winters here in Saskatchewan (forty below is not uncommon)
so the tiles need to be strong (probably cone 6 and up and fairly thick
)with good glazing. This has been a dream of mine for a very long
time. If there are some of you who would be interested in doing an
exchange, I would be happy to do so as well. If you can donate a tile
or two please let me know. My email address is
I need to receive with each tile, the artists name and/or studio
name,information and history, inspiration for the design, and
information as to where the tile artist could be located(if they so
wished).I will be composing a complete history on the tiles for
publication once at least one wall is complete.
My mailing address in the city of Saskatoon until our new home is built
(July 97) is: Cathy Mumford
827 Temperance Street
Saskatoon, Sask. Canada.
ph# (306) 244-712
P.S. Any advice from the wealth of knowledge out there on this
undertaking would be appreciated. ALL THE BEST OF THE SEASON!!