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loading mid-front of the wood-fired kiln part 8

updated thu 21 jan 10


gary navarre on wed 20 jan 10

Hay folks,

Now I start using my new 12x24 kiln shelves to load the rest of the settin=
g. The under sides have one thin layer of kiln wash to keep ash from sticki=
ng and eventually making glassy drips on the pieces below. The top sides ha=
ve two coats. After a few shims and adjustments to the kiln posts you'll se=
e how I set three shelves lengthwise by pressing my head against the chambe=
r wall to give me more support so my arms can move freely without having to=
maintain balance or strain my lower back...

In real time we are slowly getting there and have the pieces to finish the =
front bottom left side...

... so I started laying out the next shelves with a few pots to see what ar=
rangement I can make with the remaining shelves. The area the rest of the s=
etting will sit on is three 11"x24"x1" kiln shelves so the width is roughly=
marked by the tape measure...

Some of these pots will be made from a mix of porcelains and stonewares an=
d left unglazed to see what kind of flashing happens up front...

I might end up using an old electric kiln shelf for a top shelf that got a=
little too hot in my kiln old so I'm flipping it over to see if I can stil=
l use it and maybe post it up so it will soften itself flat again...

I guess I might as well go out and light some charcoal in the chamber so I=
can continue setting the load. That's it for now so stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA