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oil burners, veggie oil, etc

updated fri 22 jan 10


Dean on thu 21 jan 10

I've been trying to build a veggie oil/propane system using these burners:
I'm using the .20 size.
Still wrestling with technical problems after a year and getting discourage=
d but the burners are good.

douglas fur on thu 21 jan 10

Ithink this might not be the way to go ( OK so I forgot my glasses and
couldn't read the details and my comment might be all wet but...)

Look intothis web site-
This guy's thing is marine boilers but he has the best and most
comprehensive data on commercial burners. Look into the how burners work

Check out Lee's post in response to mine about "rotary cup burners" I got
no-where googling for a US source for these burners. maybe Lee can help you=