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paint shop pro photo x2 ultimate

updated fri 22 jan 10


Veena Raghavan on thu 21 jan 10

I want to thank everyone who gave me advice about the above program from
Corel and other photo editing software. I finally opted for the Corel progr=
because of the cost as well as the fact that several people on Clayart had
a very good opinion about the program. I have not had a chance to use it
very much so far, but it seems to cover all the features I use in Elements,=
seems even more user friendly.

I have lot of old, very old, and more recent slides. We recently got a
slide/film converter, and I am in the process of converting these slides to
digitial. I used the Paint Shop Pro to touch up some of the conversion, and=
I am
pretty impressed with the results.

Thank you everyone again.