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101 clayart mugs... beware and keep low!

updated fri 19 dec 97


Talbott on thu 18 dec 97

I think you are exactly right and some folks even think I should
give all the proceeds to charity... but when I go to buy groceries the
check-out clerk asks for money.. so there you go... I do these things for
fun more than anything but I have to make the gallery work for me as well.
I have 15 potters that I have drawn into my trap so far and boy do I have
plans for these folks! I like your photo idea. I also have a poster idea
that I am also kicking around. One lady is contacting the Smithsonian
about their possible interest in a contemporary mug exhibit. All these
crazy ideas flying around... sounds down-right dangerous... someone might
just get hit in the head with one of them! So beware and keep low.. too
many crazy ideas flying around in here...

...Marshall (Who forgot to duck once too many times)

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Forget all options as participants are now worried that your efforts are going
>to make you rich. How fast we cross from the maker to the seller. From the
>seller to the buyer, from the potter to the gallery keep.
>If you still want to put your efforts toward showing the 101 Mug work, I
>suggest you stay with plan A and add that participants can obtain, for a$10
>entry fee, a photo of their cup with a certification that they participated in
>the 101 Mug show. They must however let you have photo rights. Next,
>transfer the photo collection to a CD of photos of all the mugs received and
>then advertise to the participants that they can purchase a copy of the
>collection on CD, sent to them, at a nominal fee, plus shipping and handling
>and including sales taxes where available and also add 10 or 15 bucks for
>export orders. Have a good photo shoot estimate, find a good multimedia man
>to transpose the work to the disks, copy the disks as required. I am sure you
>could parlez this effort into a yearly thing that generates millions for you
>in the future. Of course you will have to give up pottery. Maybe even start
>a 8 to 5 office job at some publishing house. You will have to hire a agent
>to look after your affaires find a publication officer to boost sales and
>maybe you will need to go on the lecture trail explaining how you got rich
>from a bunch of potters who sent you mugs. Who knows maybe someone will ask
>you how you made it to the top, in your chosen field. Which of course is not
>pottery. You will then stop and think. What am I doing here? You will quit
>and return to pottery which is more enjoyable.
>Just a bit of satire.
>St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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