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shirt 2 u.k.

updated sun 24 jan 10


Logan Johnson on sat 23 jan 10

Hey Gang,
First I want to thank everybody that wrote to me about the shipping.
The price I quoted was from Fed Ex. I've been a bit gun shy about using th=
e post office because a few years ago they made a very costly (to me ) ship=
ping error the first time I tried to send a couple of pots to England. How=
ever after reading the responses I've received I see many of you have had a=
cceptable results with the post office shipping over seas. I think I'll as=
k the gal ordering the shirt if she wants to take a chance on the postal se=
rvices of both countries. Thank you all for your input I really appreciate=
Have a good one !

Logan Johnson
Yakima Valley Pottery & Supply
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Yakima Wa. 98902
(509) 469-6966