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loading mid-front of the wood-fired kiln part 9 & 10

updated tue 26 jan 10


gary navarre on sun 24 jan 10

Hay Crew,=3D0A=3D0A Passive damper holes in the stack are new to me so I st=
uck =3D
a few in up along the stack and added a bunch around the top with a chimney=
cap in case it starts raining.=3D0A=3D0A
ZbwqWU=3D0A=3D0A I don't know if having those stack top holes will help add=
to the thick smoke we get during some stoking but I'm gonna fool with it a=
nd see what happens. If anyone has a speculation on the results throw it ou=
t here.=3D0A=3D0A The rest of the Mid-front setting was finished and the fr=
ont =3D
floor kiln washed so I bricked the door enough to light a pignose fire and =
make sure the wads were dry and do an experiment on how well the kiln stays=
warm overnight when it is getting cold out...=3D0A=3D0A
watch?v=3D3D0dUHaU6Vaqw=3D0A=3D0A... and found my results exactly as I had =
The chamber got hot but not over 212=3DB0F and cooled slowly enough to be =
rtain no water that could freeze is left in the load. =3D0A=3D0A That prett=
y mu=3D
ch finishes loading the Mid-front setting. Now that the weather is cold the=
loading of the front will be made up of shorter clips. I've already covere=
d most of the particulars of setting shelves for the beginners so I'll just=
record how the setting is progressing. In real time I've got less than a d=
ozen pieces to make for a full enough load. It's actually raining out there=
now and the temperature is supposed to drop like a stone so I think I'll p=
ractice loose bricking up the door and light another fire in the pignose to=
keep any damp chill out of the chamber while I make a few more pots. I jus=
t might cheat a little and pick out some re-fires I've thought about tweaki=
ng over the years and light her up this weekend. So thanks for following al=
ong and stay in there eh!=3D0A=3D0AGary Navarre=3D0ANavarre Pottery=3D0ANav=
arre Ent=3D
erprises=3D0ANorway, Michigan, USA=3D0A