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loading front setting of the wood-fired kiln

updated wed 27 jan 10


gary navarre on mon 25 jan 10

Hay Folks,

For some reason doing this setting has been a little less than enjoyable. =
The Mid-front has more pots. Even Simon Leach mentions the feeling in his r=
ecent video on the fiber raku kiln he is building...

Maybe that happens to lots of folks when they get near the end of a long ar=
duous journey. We wonder if we will ever get there and yet it is inevitable=
we will. So here we go on into loading of the front setting...

As usual I'm practicing the setting in studio and came up with something I=
think I can do for the remaining shelves...

I might not get greedy and set that old warped shelf on top and just leave=
that space open. Also I'm thinking of a way to leave a space between the t=
wo settings for a stoke hole in the door or maybe a hole big enough to pull=
a draw ring. I haven't done that yet so it might be something interesting =
to try. I've stuck a coat hanger in a spy hole to look for a reflection in =
the melted glaze but I don't think that would be strong enough to hold a cl=
ay ring. Probably 1/4" steel rod with a hook on the end would do the trick.

For now though I got the wheel set up to make a couple more pots so stay i=
n there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA