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fwd: drying plates and platters

updated sat 30 jan 10


Paul Borian on fri 29 jan 10

it depends on your clay body, but if you haven't tried this already i
suggest leaving a few untouched to dry naturally and see what happens. I
used to take a lot of time to cover them and dry them very slow, then one
time i didn't do anything and they all came out fine.
if you have already tried this and it didn't work, you can wait until the
rims get close to leather hard and then cover to dry slow, so as to even
out the drying process.

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From: Bob Johnson
Date: Jan 28, 2010 10:02pm
Subject: drying plates and platters

> I need some advise on drying plates and platters, to avoid S-cracks. I
> know

> that they should be dried slowly. Beyond that, here is what my pot-friend=

> have suggested:

> 1. dry them on sheetrock

> 2. cover them with fabric, to slow down and even the drying process

> 3. turn them upside down, as soon as possible (but, the last time I tried

> this, they buckled)

> Can any of you experts confirm these or suggest other methods?

> Thanks!

> Bob

> Roseburg, Oregon