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flameware & glaze problem

updated sun 31 jan 10


Dean on sat 30 jan 10

Aloha all:
I've had several requests from customers for flameware pots that can be use=
d to cook on the stovetop.=3DA0 I had some of Laguna's refractory body and =
ied some pots from that.=3DA0 They're indestructable. I heated one side of =
e pot with a raku burner to red heat and dropped it in a bucket of water a =
couple of times and it didn't touch it. I tried to cook in it and couldn't =
get water to boil on a gas stove. The problem was probably the mass of the =
pot combined with the porosity. I haven't been able to find a way to seal t=
he clay body. It's as porous as terra cotta after being fired to cone 10 an=
d all the glazes I've tried don't seal it. So should I start over and look =
for a less porous body and a glaze to fit it or is there a way to seal that=